Take action on scam calls with parameter-driven analytics

Tollring Scam Protect reduces the risk of scam calling by detecting, reporting and alerting on suspicious call traffic.

It is the easiest way to protect your network and your customers, and to meet your regulatory obligations.

Using the latest scam calling intelligence, Scam Protect uses comprehensive behaviour profiling to identify scam calling incidents and display them on intuitive graphical dashboards. Benefit from multi-level alerts, an alert dashboard and email alerting with a customisable schedule to stay on top of call traffic and possible scam call incidents.

With detailed search and filtering, Scam Protect provides the ability to investigate problems soon after they occur and meet regulatory reporting obligations to help protect against future scam calls.

Benefits to Service Providers:

  • Deep-dive reporting with flexible filtering

  • Email alerting with customisable schedule

  • Advanced traffic analysis search

  • Inform authorities of scam call activity and/or perpetrators using downloaded scam call details

  • Customisable thresholds and rules across domains and traffic types

  • Automated and manual administration of trunk groups

  • Help to identify and prevent common scam calling techniques such as Wangiri, CLI spoofing and robo calls

Tollring Scam Protect Exploded View
Advanced traffic analysis search


Email alerting with customisable schedule
Block traffic from frequent scam callers
Automated and manual administration of trunk groups
Download scam call details and perpetrators

Scam Call Stats

Scam calling is a growing problem for communication service providers across the globe.

endpoints monitored by Tollring Scam Protect
of all US and UK call traffic is estimated to be scam calls
increase in the money lost to phone-based scams in 2020


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