Tollring Protect

Protect your networks and your customers from telecoms fraud
on hosted voice platforms and SIP trunks

Telecoms Fraud is Increasing Globally

Take a stand against telecoms fraud with Tollring Protect. From detection and alerting, to automated real-time monitoring and predictive analysis of trends, service providers around the world are choosing Tollring Protect to defend against fraud attacks.

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Our Unique Approach…

Tollring Protect integrates with communications platforms to deliver comprehensive fraud protection for the telecoms industry. Scam Protect provides advanced detection and the ability to meet regulatory obligations, whilst Fraud Protect providers service providers with in-depth protection against a range of types of telecoms fraud.

With deep-dive reporting with customisable thresholds, Tollring Protect helps protect your revenue and reputation. An essential part of your revenue assurance team’s toolkit, it provides you with the intelligence and support that you need to protect your network, and your customers.

  • Easy to use, easy to deploy and fully scalable
  • Dashboard-driven interfaces
  • Powered with the latest intelligence from our partners
  • Supports pre-defined and customised rules
  • Email notifications to multiple contacts when breaches occur
  • Block/unblock feature
  • Permissions-based administration

Fraud & Credit Management

Tollring Fraud Protect detects incidents and stops telecoms fraud from happening in real time.

Tollring Fraud Protect Unique 3 Gate Process
Tollring Scam Protect Icons

Scam Call Prevention

Tollring Scam Protect reduces the risk of scam calling by detecting, reporting and alerting on suspicious call traffic.

Take Control of Your Call Traffic